The HALO Scholarship Program

As an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, HALO distributes all its net revenue to families with kids who need help to pay for autism treatment via our Scholarship Program.  The applications are available on this web page each year around September-October and awarded by year end.  The applications for HALO foundation are reviewed and selected by a committee made up of HALO Board Members and autism treatment professionals.  It is imperative for early intervention in young children with autism and HALO foundation can provide the financial support to lower income families by starting the therapies. 

Selection is made based on financial need and expected effectiveness of treatment.  Parents would be able to discuss on their scholarship application why they deem this service necessary and how this will directly help their individual child. Services could include, but are not limited to: ABA, Speech, RDI, DIR/Floortime, NAET, Biomedical Intervention Therapy, DAN doctors, OT, PT, Animal Assisted Therapy, and Music Therapy.


• Occupation Therapy

• Behavioral Therapy

• Social Skill Programs

• iPads and software.

• Music Therapy

• Horse Therapy

• ABA Therapy

• Speech Therapy

• Eye Glasses

• Medical and Dietary counseling

• Dietary Supplements

• Bio-medical interventions

• Life Skills training

Questions regarding the application, selection process or distribution please contact

Some words of gratitude from families who have received funding from HALO:

“We very much appreciate the iPad….she just lights up and gets engaged unlike any other therapy we have tried.”

“…our delightful little girl has made great progress in recent years in overcoming her symptoms due to autism, thanks in part to the generous support of your foundation.”

“…… received the diagnosis of autism…The monthly bill became enormous. Thank you very much for stepping in and helping us cover those expenses…His main breakthrough in speech came in Decemberand now he is working hard on making his words and sentences become more intelligible and clear…..thank you HALO for maximizing our son’s opportunity to work with therapists more frequently!”

“...your support…help to achieve goal…to have a ”typical” future as possible.”

“…thanks for the iPad…very helpful with some things that were more difficult for her.”

“Thanks so much for paying for bio-medical program …..we think it is critical and could not afford this with our your support.”

“Our son is a true success story of an infant with a very early diagnosis and very intensive intervention program. Thank you HALO for your support in getting him the frequency of services he needed. He is developing…… and it is more than we could ever ask for. Thank you very much for staying impartial to families like ours. We are eternally grateful for your support and resources.”

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